video haul! check it out guys!

hope you enjoyed this! let me know if you want me to do more you tube videos and like this video and subscribe to my channel! if you do i will love you! xo

band jumpers.

hey guys! so as you know i'm totally in love with my band tees! they are my life, i wear them all the time but, sadly, summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching very rapidly in england so i thought i better stock up on some band jumpers! as you know i already have some but i thought i'd show you guys ones i'm getting so you can stock up for winter too! enjoy!

quick review: the best eyeliner in the world!

eyeliner is a tricky subject for me, i can't live without it but i hate using liquid eyeliner, but i love the intensity and i love using pencil eyeliner, but hate the dullness, so you can't imagine how happy i was when i came across this little guy!
it's the perfect eyeliner, it can be quite messy but as long as you keep a steady hand while applying it you'll be fine! the intensity of it is something robert smith would be proud of, seriously, it's that amazing! although it's very expensive at £9.75 it's worth every penny and lasts for ages! (i got mine in boots by the way!) so go out and get it guys!


you guys are probably getting sick of me posting tonnes of wishlists on my blog but i have a big post coming up (when I get back from france) and some exciting news! anyway, here's my little wishlist, enjoy!

  • Galaxy Leggings! I love galaxy patterns and I already have my gorgous galaxy jumper, but I don't have a pair of gorgeous galaxy leggings! At first I lusted after the Black Milk blue galaxy leggings, but I looked at the price tag and had a mini heart attack! So, of course I went onto e-Bay and searched for a pair of leggings like the galaxy ones but cheaper, and I found the perfect pair! I actually like these more than the Black Milk ones and they are loads cheaper!
  • Light Blue Creepers! I love my black creepers so much but sadly they are now dead after I wore them every day for about 3/4 months :( So of course I went on to e-Bay and found loads of cheap creepers in loads of different colours!  I chose two of my favourites and I'm planning on getting them very soon! I love the light blues ones because they are just so beautiful!
  • Joy Division Top! As you guys know I love Joy Division, they are one of my favourite bands and I've already bought a top and a jumper but I thought it was about time I got another one! :D I've been lusting after this top for ages, it's so perfect I could die! I love it so much and it's only £8 off e-Bay!
  • Lilac Creepers! I just love the colour! I'm really into pastel colours at the moment but they look terrible on me :( Oh well, that won't stop me getting these gorgeous shoes!
  • The Smiths Top! I love The Smiths so much, again they are one of my favourite bands and The Queen is Dead is one of my favourite albums! I already have a Smiths jumper but I need this t-shirt so much!
  • The Cure Jumper! Okay, so I'm going to do  seperate blog post about my undying love for Robert Smith and The Cure but untill then this will have to do! This jumper is so perfect! I love everything about it and as soon as I get back to England I'm ordering it because I just can't wait anymore! I can already tell I'll be wearing this jumper 24/7!
  • Yin Yang Necklace! I love Yin and Yang designs and this is so gorgeous and so cheap, you can wear it with anything and it looks amazing!

Anyway that was a little explination of everything! As I said, when I get back to England I will be posting a massive post and maybe a video of myself announcing the exciting news! Anyway I love you all and hope you are all having an amazing summer! xoxoxo

days that make you realise how perfect the world is.

so near my house is this adorable river so my best friend and i decided to wander down there with a picnic and paddle in the lovely, cool water, it was perfect! i took some cute pictures aswell, so enjoy!

black milk.

black milk do the best leggings ever. whether you´re looking for some out of this world galaxy ones or perhaps some van gogh inspired ones! they even have bones and muscle ones! they are just amazing and i can´t wait to buy some! i have got five of my favourites up but i can only choose three! i´m definitely going to get the first one but i have to choose between getting the second or the third pair and between the fourth and the fifth! ahhh which are your favourites? inspire me!

what i'm planning on doing & buying.

hey guys! i just thought i'd do a quick post about stuff i'm buying and stuff i'm doing just to keep you updated!
okay, so these are the things i'm planning on buying! i've been seeing a lot of camouflage prints on tumblr recently and i love them! beyond retro in brighton are doing a gorgeous jacket for £18, but if you have a bit more cash on you urban outfitters are also doing one for £45! TIE-DYE! tie dye is a summer essential and i've been seeing shops all over brighton (especially in the north laines) doing gorgeous rainbow tie dye tops for only £10! i'm loving chiffon material at the moment and i especially love black asymmetrical chiffon skirts, i'm not really a skirt person but there is a gorgeous grungey look about those black skirts! mmmmm can't wait to get mine! CREEPERS! as many of you know i adore creepers! i wear my black ones every where but i think i need a lighter colour creeper for summer as well as my black pair! so i've gone for a lilac colour as i'm loving anything pastel at the moment! GALAXY LEGGINGS! i adore galaxy patterns and i've been craving a pair of black milk leggings for while but i won't be able to get the three leggings from black milk that i want until christmas so until then these will be perfect, i found them on e-bay and i'm getting them very soon! YIN & YANG! i've been seeing these yin and yang leggings all over tumblr and i love them! the pair i want to get on e-bay are only £7 but if you want the real thing topshop are doing a pair for £20! JOY DIVISION! as you saw in my haul i got a gorgeous unknown pleasures top from dirty harry's and now i want to get a jumper! band jumpers are only £18 from Dirty Harry's and they do the best band jumpers ever! 

now for what i'm up to!
i've been longing to get some new piercings for a long time! i was initially planning on getting a cartilage piercing but i'm such a wimp so i chickened out >.< instead i'm getting my second and third lobe piercings done at the best tattoo and piercing parlor ever. i'm going to Kalima because they are just the bast you can get! i'm so excited! i'm planning on getting a rainbow ring and a plain black ring!


massive haul.

okay guys so this weekend i had a tonne of cash to spend, so i went to the best place on earth, brighton. i honestly think that there is no place better than brighton! anyway, let me show you guys the treasures i bought!

 3 new band t-shirts all at £10 the smiths and joy division tops were from Dirty Harry and the Who top is from H&M!
 SMITHS JUMPER! I'm a happy girl, £18 from Dirty Harry's, i will wear it all the time, it's so soft and cosy!
 galaxy leggings and beetlejuice leggings, both £7. I don't really like the galaxy ones though, so i'll get some more expensive but nicer ones off e-bay!
 dirty harry tote bag, FREE (i love it so much asdfghjkl!!!), bandanas, £1.50 each from Dirty Harry and loads of retro pstcards to put around my room, 10 for £5!
 high waisted acid wash jamie jeans from topshop £25 in the sale!
 cute topman jumper, £4 from a charity shop!
 black levis high waisted shorts! £20 from Dirty Harry, guys what should I do with these? any suggestions, tempted to turn them into galaxy shorts?

 WSU Cougars jumper, £15 from Dirty Harry! i love it, it's so warm and cosy and a gorgeous colour and vintage look!
finally, a black levi's denim jacket, £6 from a charity shop! i love it so much! it looks good with everything!

Hope you enjoyed this gigantic haul guys! tell me what you think I should do with some of the stuff! I can sense some upcoming DIYs so bear with me! xoxo

sorry, sorry, sorry.

i'm so sorry i've been off my blog for a while, I've just been really busy! but i've got loads of blog posts coming up, i promise, because I'm going to Brighton this weekend, so i'll be posting a collective haul (i've bought some stuff recently!) and these babies just arrived:

AHHHHH, i'm so excited about using these studs! they are amazing, anyone got any ideas for studs? i want to customize some of my clothes for summer so bear with!


Mini DIY!

1- Get an old white shirt made of natural materials like cotton or linen (i used linen!).
2- I wanted the bottom of my shirt purple so I dipped the bottom of the shirt into blue dye and left it for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I took it out of the dye and rinsed it under the tap, getting all the excess dye out! Then I put the whole thing in pink dye and left it for another 10 minutes (I would leave it in for a little less in the future, say 5-7 minutes!), I then repeated the washing process and left it to dry so it looked like this:

 3- Although I loved the shirt as it was, I anted to give it a grungey look, so I added some studs on the collar! It looks amazing!

 4- This is the final product! I love it! I will definitely be wearing this loads in summer, it'll look amazing with denim shorts and some creepers or converses, and it was so easy to make, you guys should try it out!

So guys, what did you think of my first DIY? I promise some hauls and DIYs will be up shortly and again, I'm so sorry for being so lazy with my blog! By the way, I want to change the layout of my blog so does anyone know where I can get a nice HTML code for free?

false alarm.

do you remember my post 'i need these to function'? well i lied, in fact these are the items i need to function! <3
i'm going to brighton soon guys, i promise! i'm hoping to get the levis jacket, a few jumpers, some awesome vintage band tees, some braces and some levis high waisted shorts to make the amazing galaxy shorts! once i've got them i will definitely be posting a DIY! i've just oredered some gorgeous galaxy leggings and 2 mustache rings (one white and one black!) from e-Bay! I LOVE E-BAY! i'll get those yin and yang leggings from e-Bay too! if you have any questions please ask! and don't forget to follow!
P.S.- my tumblr if you guys are interested, MY TUMBLR! :D

galactic love.

okay so i am in love with galaxies, as you can tell from my background, so i'm just posting a few gorgeous pieces of galaxy clothing that i'm in love with :) when i've saved up enough money to buy all of these gorgeous clothes i'll share the links and show you all! enjoy!

p.s. once i get to 50 followers i will be launching a mini competition! so follow, follow, follow! love you all!

hair. hair. hair.

i am in love with rainbow hair! how amazing is it?! i love the colours of the rainbow hair in the plait but i prefer the style of the last picture! the last picture is probably going to be best for now but when i get to uni my hair will be rainbow! i also quite like dip dyed hair but which of the three colours i've chosen would be best? which hair do you guys  like best? thanks for reading! love you all! xoxo

my new baby creepers.

i love them more than life, well maybe as much as life...


i l.o.v.e. hunter wellies at the moment, i don't know why they are just amazing and perfect for summer! i really want some black ones, they'd look really cool with skirts and shorts... anyway i have exams for two weeks so i'll be posting stuff even less than usual, sorry! not that many people read my blog anyway :L so tell me what you think of hunters! bye guys! <3

beloved band tees.

 a t-shirt that needs no introduction. my nirvana acid smiley top from e-bay. got to love e-bay!

another nirvana top, obsessed is not the right word to describe my undying love for them. from a charity shop but originally from urban outfitters.
ramones! i got it from h&m but i'm kind of sick of all the wannabes wearing this top to be 'hipster'... (note the rain in my window..)
 THE CLASH. one of the best albums ever and i love the fact joe strummer is smashing up a guitar, what a legend! i got this from e-bay, I LOVE E-BAY.

THE CURE <3 <3 i love this t-shirt so so so much if i could marry it i would. i wear it like every day, without it my life would not be complete.  got it off amazon :DD

my chemical romance drumline top, it was my first band tee and now its tiny :( anyone got any ideas to make it into something like a crop top or at the back of a denim jacket? anyway i love my chemical romance and this top is so special to me!