hair. hair. hair.

i am in love with rainbow hair! how amazing is it?! i love the colours of the rainbow hair in the plait but i prefer the style of the last picture! the last picture is probably going to be best for now but when i get to uni my hair will be rainbow! i also quite like dip dyed hair but which of the three colours i've chosen would be best? which hair do you guys  like best? thanks for reading! love you all! xoxo


  1. amaizing rainbow hair but I prefer natural hair ever :)

    1. I love the rainbow hair, maybe one day but for now i'm staying with natural hair! :)xo

  2. hi! thank you (: i love pastel dip dye, it's so sad that i'm not blonde, i'd do them instantly but i'm afraid bleaching would finally ruin my hair.. and btw if you wear plugs nobody would even recognize your ears had been streched ;D at least my mum didn't until now and she's been seeing me every day for nearly a year now.. so don't worry (=