what i'm planning on doing & buying.

hey guys! i just thought i'd do a quick post about stuff i'm buying and stuff i'm doing just to keep you updated!
okay, so these are the things i'm planning on buying! i've been seeing a lot of camouflage prints on tumblr recently and i love them! beyond retro in brighton are doing a gorgeous jacket for £18, but if you have a bit more cash on you urban outfitters are also doing one for £45! TIE-DYE! tie dye is a summer essential and i've been seeing shops all over brighton (especially in the north laines) doing gorgeous rainbow tie dye tops for only £10! i'm loving chiffon material at the moment and i especially love black asymmetrical chiffon skirts, i'm not really a skirt person but there is a gorgeous grungey look about those black skirts! mmmmm can't wait to get mine! CREEPERS! as many of you know i adore creepers! i wear my black ones every where but i think i need a lighter colour creeper for summer as well as my black pair! so i've gone for a lilac colour as i'm loving anything pastel at the moment! GALAXY LEGGINGS! i adore galaxy patterns and i've been craving a pair of black milk leggings for while but i won't be able to get the three leggings from black milk that i want until christmas so until then these will be perfect, i found them on e-bay and i'm getting them very soon! YIN & YANG! i've been seeing these yin and yang leggings all over tumblr and i love them! the pair i want to get on e-bay are only £7 but if you want the real thing topshop are doing a pair for £20! JOY DIVISION! as you saw in my haul i got a gorgeous unknown pleasures top from dirty harry's and now i want to get a jumper! band jumpers are only £18 from Dirty Harry's and they do the best band jumpers ever! 

now for what i'm up to!
i've been longing to get some new piercings for a long time! i was initially planning on getting a cartilage piercing but i'm such a wimp so i chickened out >.< instead i'm getting my second and third lobe piercings done at the best tattoo and piercing parlor ever. i'm going to Kalima because they are just the bast you can get! i'm so excited! i'm planning on getting a rainbow ring and a plain black ring!