false alarm.

do you remember my post 'i need these to function'? well i lied, in fact these are the items i need to function! <3
i'm going to brighton soon guys, i promise! i'm hoping to get the levis jacket, a few jumpers, some awesome vintage band tees, some braces and some levis high waisted shorts to make the amazing galaxy shorts! once i've got them i will definitely be posting a DIY! i've just oredered some gorgeous galaxy leggings and 2 mustache rings (one white and one black!) from e-Bay! I LOVE E-BAY! i'll get those yin and yang leggings from e-Bay too! if you have any questions please ask! and don't forget to follow!
P.S.- my tumblr if you guys are interested, MY TUMBLR! :D

galactic love.

okay so i am in love with galaxies, as you can tell from my background, so i'm just posting a few gorgeous pieces of galaxy clothing that i'm in love with :) when i've saved up enough money to buy all of these gorgeous clothes i'll share the links and show you all! enjoy!

p.s. once i get to 50 followers i will be launching a mini competition! so follow, follow, follow! love you all!

hair. hair. hair.

i am in love with rainbow hair! how amazing is it?! i love the colours of the rainbow hair in the plait but i prefer the style of the last picture! the last picture is probably going to be best for now but when i get to uni my hair will be rainbow! i also quite like dip dyed hair but which of the three colours i've chosen would be best? which hair do you guys  like best? thanks for reading! love you all! xoxo