false alarm.

do you remember my post 'i need these to function'? well i lied, in fact these are the items i need to function! <3
i'm going to brighton soon guys, i promise! i'm hoping to get the levis jacket, a few jumpers, some awesome vintage band tees, some braces and some levis high waisted shorts to make the amazing galaxy shorts! once i've got them i will definitely be posting a DIY! i've just oredered some gorgeous galaxy leggings and 2 mustache rings (one white and one black!) from e-Bay! I LOVE E-BAY! i'll get those yin and yang leggings from e-Bay too! if you have any questions please ask! and don't forget to follow!
P.S.- my tumblr if you guys are interested, MY TUMBLR! :D


  1. OMG those could just go into my closet, too! i love all the things you found! and i love ebay.. i'm definitely gonna buy the yingyang leggings, i've been watching them for weeks now ^^
    and don't be sad that you didn't win in my giveaway, the next one's coming for sure (:
    PS: i'm working on the ear-streching post.. it's going to be up pretty soon (: and it's massive.. ^^

  2. der marshmallowpulli ist ja geil!

  3. Cute blog, I love all your finds here.

    By the way I am holding my first ever giveaway, check it out here...



  4. thank you! i'll check it out! x

  5. hi! thank you (= i love ying and yang, i think i'll order those awesome leggings they sell on ebay, they're too weird but that's why i love them! <3

  6. hi! yeah you're right, i should ba a little bit more carfeul with buying, too, since i'm paying with paypal i don't really see my money get less, but it does O: well german summers aren't thant sunny, too so the leggings would be perfect! :D