my new baby creepers.

i love them more than life, well maybe as much as life...


i l.o.v.e. hunter wellies at the moment, i don't know why they are just amazing and perfect for summer! i really want some black ones, they'd look really cool with skirts and shorts... anyway i have exams for two weeks so i'll be posting stuff even less than usual, sorry! not that many people read my blog anyway :L so tell me what you think of hunters! bye guys! <3

beloved band tees.

 a t-shirt that needs no introduction. my nirvana acid smiley top from e-bay. got to love e-bay!

another nirvana top, obsessed is not the right word to describe my undying love for them. from a charity shop but originally from urban outfitters.
ramones! i got it from h&m but i'm kind of sick of all the wannabes wearing this top to be 'hipster'... (note the rain in my window..)
 THE CLASH. one of the best albums ever and i love the fact joe strummer is smashing up a guitar, what a legend! i got this from e-bay, I LOVE E-BAY.

THE CURE <3 <3 i love this t-shirt so so so much if i could marry it i would. i wear it like every day, without it my life would not be complete.  got it off amazon :DD

my chemical romance drumline top, it was my first band tee and now its tiny :( anyone got any ideas to make it into something like a crop top or at the back of a denim jacket? anyway i love my chemical romance and this top is so special to me!


my spain & morocco haul, as promised.

1-Stripey Asymmetric Crop Top from Trece 13 for £9
2- Plaited Leather Bracelets for £1.10
3- Silver Moroccan Teapot for £3.70
4- Moroccan Clay Tagine (Random Moroccan gave it to me, love to him!)
5- Mint Tea Glasses for £1.50
6- Henna Patterns (excitement!!!!!!) for £1.10
7- Henna Powder for 40p (!!)
8- Silver Hamsa Hand Bracelet for £1.85

i absolutely love this bracelet because
i saw one like this in Urban Outfitters and
was tempted to buy one for £20! 

i really love crop tops and stripes so 
when i found this i was ecstatic! it's slightly longer 
                                                            at the back than the front which is quite different but still really cool!

spain & morocco

sorry i haven't posted in a.g.e.s. but i've only just come back from spain & morocco which was amazing! i watched bull running in spain which was terrifying (i'll post pictures soon!) and, well, i went to tangiers, it was absolutely amazing and if you get the chance you have to go. i bought so much stuff so i'm hoping to post a haul soon! one of the best things i bought was henna and some patterns so when i do that i'll post some pictures of my gorgeous hennaed hands! i'm hoping they'll look something like this >


so, it's time to introduce myself. i am a teenage girl from england with brown hair, brown eyes & pale skin.
  • i like brightly coloured skinny jeans, band t-shirts, vintage Levi's jeans and jackets and benedict cumberbatch.
  • i adore travelling and this year i'm going to spain, morocco, czech republic, france and malaysia.
  • i'm a pescetarian.
  • i have a dog, two cats, two mice and half a horse.
  • brighton & kingston are the best cities. ever. end of.
  • i love drama, history, ethical debates (....), literature and languages
  • music: THE SMITHS, the cure, the clash, nirvana, sex pistols, the ramones, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, morrissey, radiohead, coldplay, the kooks, arctic monkeys, this list could go on and on...
  • i hate one direction, they are not hot and they can't sing, lana del rey, she can't sing and she has a fake face, adele, she always sounds the same and she is so chavvy, rhianna, slag and meat, because i don't want to be a cannibal and eat mammals and birds.
so that's me in a nut shell. i hope you enjoy my blog, i'll try to post stuff as much as i can! i'm probably going to post DIYs, fashion loves, looks of the day, photography and, of course, my ramblings.