you guys are probably getting sick of me posting tonnes of wishlists on my blog but i have a big post coming up (when I get back from france) and some exciting news! anyway, here's my little wishlist, enjoy!

  • Galaxy Leggings! I love galaxy patterns and I already have my gorgous galaxy jumper, but I don't have a pair of gorgeous galaxy leggings! At first I lusted after the Black Milk blue galaxy leggings, but I looked at the price tag and had a mini heart attack! So, of course I went onto e-Bay and searched for a pair of leggings like the galaxy ones but cheaper, and I found the perfect pair! I actually like these more than the Black Milk ones and they are loads cheaper!
  • Light Blue Creepers! I love my black creepers so much but sadly they are now dead after I wore them every day for about 3/4 months :( So of course I went on to e-Bay and found loads of cheap creepers in loads of different colours!  I chose two of my favourites and I'm planning on getting them very soon! I love the light blues ones because they are just so beautiful!
  • Joy Division Top! As you guys know I love Joy Division, they are one of my favourite bands and I've already bought a top and a jumper but I thought it was about time I got another one! :D I've been lusting after this top for ages, it's so perfect I could die! I love it so much and it's only £8 off e-Bay!
  • Lilac Creepers! I just love the colour! I'm really into pastel colours at the moment but they look terrible on me :( Oh well, that won't stop me getting these gorgeous shoes!
  • The Smiths Top! I love The Smiths so much, again they are one of my favourite bands and The Queen is Dead is one of my favourite albums! I already have a Smiths jumper but I need this t-shirt so much!
  • The Cure Jumper! Okay, so I'm going to do  seperate blog post about my undying love for Robert Smith and The Cure but untill then this will have to do! This jumper is so perfect! I love everything about it and as soon as I get back to England I'm ordering it because I just can't wait anymore! I can already tell I'll be wearing this jumper 24/7!
  • Yin Yang Necklace! I love Yin and Yang designs and this is so gorgeous and so cheap, you can wear it with anything and it looks amazing!

Anyway that was a little explination of everything! As I said, when I get back to England I will be posting a massive post and maybe a video of myself announcing the exciting news! Anyway I love you all and hope you are all having an amazing summer! xoxoxo


  1. why are your wishlists always 80% of mine? i would die for galaxy leggings and another pair of creepers! O: great stuff! (:

  2. really? oh my god that's maybe the biggest compliment someone ever gave me! thank you! <3 i have no idea, i just try to blog regularly and i comment a lot and participate in contests and stuff.. (: