spain & morocco

sorry i haven't posted in a.g.e.s. but i've only just come back from spain & morocco which was amazing! i watched bull running in spain which was terrifying (i'll post pictures soon!) and, well, i went to tangiers, it was absolutely amazing and if you get the chance you have to go. i bought so much stuff so i'm hoping to post a haul soon! one of the best things i bought was henna and some patterns so when i do that i'll post some pictures of my gorgeous hennaed hands! i'm hoping they'll look something like this >


  1. HI!
    thanks so much, i will definitely post a DIY about the holga customization as soon as i find some time to do it.. (= and to get a vintage levis you need just a lot of patience, i bid in a lot auctions over the past two months or semething and hadn't been lucky, so well, you also need some luck :DD
    and spain is awesome, where have you been? i went to barcelona last year and i loved it (:

    1. HEY!
      Awesome, i'm really looking forward to it! I've decided to go to brighton because there are so many retro shops there that sell vintage levi's jackets and jeans! I'm really excited! I used to live in spain so we still have a house in the south in Cadiz, it's really cool because there are loads of markets and stuff :DD I LOVE barcelona, i went with my mum and we stayed in a tiny studio apartment, it was awesome, definately one of my favourite cities of all time! Have you been to any other cities? :)xx