my spain & morocco haul, as promised.

1-Stripey Asymmetric Crop Top from Trece 13 for £9
2- Plaited Leather Bracelets for £1.10
3- Silver Moroccan Teapot for £3.70
4- Moroccan Clay Tagine (Random Moroccan gave it to me, love to him!)
5- Mint Tea Glasses for £1.50
6- Henna Patterns (excitement!!!!!!) for £1.10
7- Henna Powder for 40p (!!)
8- Silver Hamsa Hand Bracelet for £1.85

i absolutely love this bracelet because
i saw one like this in Urban Outfitters and
was tempted to buy one for £20! 

i really love crop tops and stripes so 
when i found this i was ecstatic! it's slightly longer 
                                                            at the back than the front which is quite different but still really cool!

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