so, it's time to introduce myself. i am a teenage girl from england with brown hair, brown eyes & pale skin.
  • i like brightly coloured skinny jeans, band t-shirts, vintage Levi's jeans and jackets and benedict cumberbatch.
  • i adore travelling and this year i'm going to spain, morocco, czech republic, france and malaysia.
  • i'm a pescetarian.
  • i have a dog, two cats, two mice and half a horse.
  • brighton & kingston are the best cities. ever. end of.
  • i love drama, history, ethical debates (....), literature and languages
  • music: THE SMITHS, the cure, the clash, nirvana, sex pistols, the ramones, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, morrissey, radiohead, coldplay, the kooks, arctic monkeys, this list could go on and on...
  • i hate one direction, they are not hot and they can't sing, lana del rey, she can't sing and she has a fake face, adele, she always sounds the same and she is so chavvy, rhianna, slag and meat, because i don't want to be a cannibal and eat mammals and birds.
so that's me in a nut shell. i hope you enjoy my blog, i'll try to post stuff as much as i can! i'm probably going to post DIYs, fashion loves, looks of the day, photography and, of course, my ramblings.