sorry, sorry, sorry.

i'm so sorry i've been off my blog for a while, I've just been really busy! but i've got loads of blog posts coming up, i promise, because I'm going to Brighton this weekend, so i'll be posting a collective haul (i've bought some stuff recently!) and these babies just arrived:

AHHHHH, i'm so excited about using these studs! they are amazing, anyone got any ideas for studs? i want to customize some of my clothes for summer so bear with!


Mini DIY!

1- Get an old white shirt made of natural materials like cotton or linen (i used linen!).
2- I wanted the bottom of my shirt purple so I dipped the bottom of the shirt into blue dye and left it for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I took it out of the dye and rinsed it under the tap, getting all the excess dye out! Then I put the whole thing in pink dye and left it for another 10 minutes (I would leave it in for a little less in the future, say 5-7 minutes!), I then repeated the washing process and left it to dry so it looked like this:

 3- Although I loved the shirt as it was, I anted to give it a grungey look, so I added some studs on the collar! It looks amazing!

 4- This is the final product! I love it! I will definitely be wearing this loads in summer, it'll look amazing with denim shorts and some creepers or converses, and it was so easy to make, you guys should try it out!

So guys, what did you think of my first DIY? I promise some hauls and DIYs will be up shortly and again, I'm so sorry for being so lazy with my blog! By the way, I want to change the layout of my blog so does anyone know where I can get a nice HTML code for free?